conversion to judaism-converting process and transition

  Conversion to Judaism

  The process of converting to a Jewish identity

Converting to Judaism - Conversion is a gradual process and the transition takes time.

"Process" is the key word. A transition of this magnitude does not happen overnight. In fact, an important aspect of the process will be to identify and discuss your changing feelings and attitudes about becoming Jewish. The process will require you to explore aspects of your spiritual, cultural and social identity because Judaism will touch all those parts of who you are. To own Judaism, to feel authentically Jewish, will require patience, courage, a sense of humor, a desire to learn, and a willingness to ask some hard questions. But, as mentioned above, many people have found the reward of such exploration to be the discovery of their spiritual home.

The process of becoming Jewish will not end with your conversion. We can't force our identities to change completely according to a specific timetable. The rituals of conversion will formally mark your acceptance of your new Jewish identity and your commitment to Judaism. But the work of creating Jewish memories for yourself, of shaping the Jewish human being that you will become, is a much more subtle and long-term process. Most of us, even those who were born Jewish, take a lifetime with this task. Try not to be impatient with yourself or with the process.

But rather, understand that this spiritual choice will develop during your entire life, and hopefully for generations to come as well. When you begin to create new Jewish memories, you will start to see how more comfortable and empowered you will feel and how your new identity is adapting to your soul. The passing of time will harmonize this process as you continue to build upon your new Jewish experiences with more and more experiences, making an archive of memories upon which to base your identity.


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