Guidelines and Expectations For
The Online Introduction to Judaism Course

  1. This course is intended for people who are distant from a Jewish community or from access to a rabbi who may work towards conversion.

  2. Teaching will take place through online correspondence. Afterwards questions will be posed by the rabbi and answered by the student in the format of an exam.

  3. This course is intended as a self study focused on each individual student’s interests and abilities. The course has no set time frame, since it depends on each student's dedication and time available for study.

  4. A personal interview is required for those studying Judaism with the intent of conversion. In this interview, Rabbi Cukierkorn will evaluate the candidate's motivations and expectations.

  5. The course is available at a nominal cost which should be discussed with Rabbi Cukierkorn. The student will also be responsible for the books he or she may choose to purchase.

  6. Donations are also welcome as a way of showing your appreciation for Rabbi Cukierkorn's work.

  7. Since community is so important for Jewish life, students are expected to make an effort to visit synagogues when possible.

  8. Students are expected to have a commitment to continue the study of Judaism and Jewish Texts and traditions for the rest of their lives.

  9. Students have to commit to raise their children as Jews

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