Questions for Reflection

  1. How does Judaism define God? What are your views of God?

  2. What are the major functions of the synagogue? What is found in a synagogue (sanctuary)?

  3. What are the different parts of the worship service? When and where are services held? In your opinion, what is the most important passage from the prayerbook? Why?

  4. What are the basic beliefs of Judaism, and how do they differ from those of Christianity?

  5. What is the major significance of the Sabbath? What are the major rituals and ceremonies practiced on Shabbat?

  6. How do you plan to implement Shabbat into your own lifestyle.

  7. How do you explain the phenomenon of anti-Semitism? What are some of the causes of anti-Semitism?

  8. What is the historical significance of Israel? Of Jerusalem? of The Wall? How do you relate to Israel?

  9. What are the major ingredients of a Jewish home? How will these be implemented in your own home?

  10. Analyze, whether in your view, the Jews are a race, nation, religious group, or people.

  11. Why is history so important to Jews and to Judaism? How has history affected Jewish life?

  12. What do you feel are the important characteristics and actions of being a good Jew?

  13. Describe the important life cycle and holiday celebrations in Jewish life. Do you see yourself integrating these celebrations into your own life?

  14. Describe the different meanings of Torah in Judaism.

How many of the following terms do you know ?

1. Lulav & Etrog 13. Matzah 25. Haggadah
2. Shofar 14. Bar/Bat Mitzvah 26. Yizkor
3. Fasting on Yom Kippur 15. Havdalah 27. Reform Judaism
4. Tisha B'Av 16. Mezuzah 28. Mitzvah
5. Megillah 17. Talmud 29. Yahrzeit
6. Sukkah 18. Simchat-Torah 30. Shehecheyanu
7. Shavuot 19. Kaddish 31. Kol Nidre
8. Seder 20. Ner Tamid 32. Challah
9. Brit Milah 21. Kiddush 33. Brachah
10. Halacha 22. Confirmation 34. Festival of Lights
11. Inquisition 23. Diaspora 35. Rosh Hashannah
12. Sitting Shivah 24. Holocaust

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