The Ten Commitments

This is what we teach a Jew-by-Choice.
All Jews could apply these Ten Commitments and sanctify their lives.

  1. Yom Kippur Observance -
    Fasting and attending synagogue is symbolic of our commitment to observe the High Holy ways and the Festivals.

  2. Kindle Shabbat Candles -
    Symbolizes our commitment to begin to observe Shabbat at home and in the synagogue.

  3. Mezuzah -
    Symbolizes our commitment to having a Jewish home.

  4. Tzedakah -
    The commitment to give of ourselves, our time and our money, according to ability.

  5. Affiliation -
    The commitment to join a synagogue and become an active member of the synagogue community.

  6. Dietary Laws -
    Accept some aspect that reflects and understanding of their importance for Jewish life. Acknowledge the validity of the discipline.

  7. Worship -
    The commitment to a regular worship experience.

  8. Education -
    Each individual must present an outline or plan for continuing a Jewish education.

  9. Love of Israel -
    Includes support for the Jewish people and the Land of Israel as the historical Jewish homeland and the Jewish State. Support the United Jewish Appeal or other organizations that act on behalf of Israel and Jews in American and around the world.

  10. Raise Children as Jews -
    The commitment to "teach them faithfully to your children" (the v'ahavta prayer). Our commitment to raise children in the Jewish faith.

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