The Rabbi's Role

As rabbi, I serve two basic roles in this process. On the one hand, I am the representative of the Jewish community. I have the responsibility to ensure that any individual who joins our community embraces a quality of commitment, a set of values and an attitude towards Judaism that benefit the Jewish people.

On the other hand, I hope to serve as teacher, counselor and spiritual companion on the individual's journey towards Jewish identification. At first glance, these two roles might appear to be in conflict. But it has been my experience that if I fulfill both roles well, on those occasions when a prospective Jew does NOT become Jewish, the decision usually grows from a shared recognition that conversion would not be the right choice for that person at that time.

One more important note to those seeking to convert to Judaism...

It is important to be aware of the fact that there are various congregations or denominations within Judaism (including Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform). The topic of conversion and, in particular, what makes a person an “acceptable” convert among the Jewish people has been the subject of many debates and disputes. As the Rabbi overseeing your conversion process, it is my opinion that there is no “universally” accepted conversion which is recognized in each and every Jewish environment or community throughout the world. Instead, I believe that conversion is an ongoing, life-changing, challenging, yet rewarding process through which a person embraces Jewish identity at the spiritual, cultural and social levels. That being said, I cannot and do not represent that upon completion of this conversion process you will able to join as a member in any particular synagogue, congregation, community, region, or country. I therefore urge you to consult the particular community where you intend to worship in the event you have any questions.

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