"Ivdu et adonai b’simcha" ("Let us Serve God with Joy").

I welcome you with the ancient words of the Holy Temple: “Baruch ha’bah b’shem adonai” ("Be welcome you that come here, in the name of God, and you are specially blessed").

The decision to take on a Jewish religious identity is both significant and complex. The choice affects many areas of one's life: from self-concept and family relationships through the type of life style one adopts. While the resulting rewards and sense of fulfillment can be enormous, the challenges and frustrations can sometimes also seem overwhelming. Conscious of both the challenges and the opportunities, the purpose of this document is to; introduce the process of choosing Judaism, explain how I perceive the rabbi's role within that process, outline your spouse's role, describe your responsibilities in the process of choosing Judaism.

I believe that to bring someone into the living waters of Judaism is the most fulfilling spiritual adventure.

Rabbi Celso Cukierkorn